Working as a Locum for the First Time in the UK

Do you want to start your medical career in the UK? Did you know that more than 200 different nationalities are employed in the healthcare services in England? To become part of NHS you must fulfil special requirements. We are here to provide a simple explanation and essential advice on how to join the NHS as a locum:

1. Get your documents ready

Get full GMC registration before coming to the country:
All doctors aiming to work in the UK should have a license to practise, issued by the General Medical Council (GMC), the superior body of the medical professionals in the UK. Read “Good medical practice and the explanatory guidance.” We advise you to apply to the GMC before you arrive in the country in order to save time.

Write your professional CV
Having the best CV you can produce is really important. Check the following link for advice on how to write a highly effective professional CV:

Request references from your original country
References are absolutely essential in the healthcare professions. They provide a guarantee to your employers that you have gained the relevant experience for the position. Request references from your current or most recent employers in your country of origin, and keep in mind that the agencies might contact them.

2. Be open and ready for anything

This is going to be your first job in the UK. At the beginning we advise that you do not only focus your search on finding your ideal job: Be flexible, use every opportunity to get your first role. Your initial position will give you a taste of what is to work in the UK.

Low Rates:
The locum healthcare market is very competitive. At the outset, apply for positions offering lower rates. These jobs are less desired, but you will increase your chance of obtaining a better paid job sooner.

Lower Grade:
We also advise, at the start, to apply for a lower job grade than you perhaps previously had in your country of origin. That way you will gain experience working in the foreign country. Once you have enough confidence and knowledge, it will then be easier to get a job in your desired speciality.

Be flexible:
Be flexible regarding not just the pay rate and the grade, but also in terms of the location and the hospital. Grab the opportunity to start your first job; thus you will gain know-how, and quickly pick up the working culture.

3. Make your agency clear about your ambitions

There are plenty of available jobs. Working through a locum agency is the simplest way to ensure that you will have full access to these positions, and will enable you to find your desired job even much faster. Apply through Mylocum, to receive a personalised service, with ongoing assistance and support from our team. An expert consultant will guide you through the process, catering to your personal and professional requirements, and assisting you to create a fulfilling and fruitful career.

4. Network

Do not underestimate the importance of networking. Use every opportunity to contact and engage with professionals from your field. Talk to colleagues who have embarked upon the same professional journey as you. You will gain essential insights into the profession in the UK such as information about products and services; and training and development programmes. Networking with professionals will help you to gain more knowledge and assist you in learning the prerequisite terminology for your workplace. Most importantly, it will help you to develop and grow in your career in the UK.

Places to network:

• the agency you are working with and your recruitment consultant;
• co-workers and colleagues at your first job;
• social media groups,
• online forums;
• trade fairs and exhibitions such as the AGM Conference

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to help.