How to get the most out of your Career as a Healthcare Locum

As a healthcare recruitment specialist of over 15 years, we have the professional knowledge and insight to enable you to get the most out of your career. Our candidates ask us about their prospects and we provide the answers…


Stating your requirements is essential for your locum career.  Do not hesitate to ask questions and communicate your expectations. Explain what you want and what you don’t want, tell us why. We are here to enable our candidates to become fully established locums, by providing an efficient and personalised service. Effective communication between you and your recruitment specialists requires, stating your future goals and expectations.

Be flexible and open to trying new positions

Locum jobs are very insightful for doctors and nurses beginning a new chapter in their careers. You should therefore take opportunities to work in positions that perhaps do not at first appear to be highly desirable. Being flexible and expanding your options will give you the chance to work in various locations, with different teams and in new environments. Subsequently, your working knowledge and the breadth of your skills will increase. Additionally, once you have worked in a particular hospital, your CV will more likely be approved if you choose to apply for a permanent position.

Plan your shifts in advance

Keep an organised schedule and plan your availability in advance. An advantage of working as a locum is that it gives you more control over your working life. It is best to plan your shifts two or three months in advance. Notify your recruitment consultant about your availability for the future. Our consultants are dedicated to finding the perfect match for you, that suits your desired location and individual needs.


Dealing with the paperwork for a locum position can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are prompt in sending us the required documents, the entire recruitment process will happen very quickly, and you will be working within a short timescale. The more work you can get, by starting early, the more positive references you will gain, which will enhance your future career.

Be reliable

Be mindful to answer calls and emails; arrive at work in good time; and try not to cancel any shifts, unless in exceptional circumstances. Maintaining a reputation as a reliable candidate is important. If your recruitment consultant recognises you to be a dependable professional, your good name will likely spread throughout the agency. You will then be a preferred candidate for the most desirable positions.