How to Write a Great CV in 5 easy Steps

As a locum recruitment agency, we see many CVs per day. Here are some easy and simple tips to follow. They will help you to build a professional-looking medical CV.

1. Keep it concise and consistent;

Your CV must be clear and consistent as recruitment consultants will scroll through your application and pick out the most important information. In the template below you can see how we put the information together in a very neat and organized way; you can use this template and just replace it with your details. We recommend that your CV to be printed on A4 size paper and to cover no more than 2 pages highlighting the most important and relevant information.

• Use bullet points (it makes your resume more visually attractive and legible);
• Keep a simple and consistent layout;
• Order your education and experience in chronological order, starting from the most recent one first

2. Personal information;

This is the most important part of your resume. Your personal information is the first thing which a consultant will see; it is like the cover of the book. For this reason, this first paragraph is crucial. Use the first paragraph to sell yourself: highlight your professional skills and outline your experience.

• Say Who you are (name, phone number, email address)
• Highlight your skills;
• Outline your experience;

3. What should you include in your professional CV;

• It is fundamental to include your professional background, where you placed them in chronological order, starting from the most recent one
• Under each position add the name of the institution; working period, job title and include your main duties
• It is always a plus to add any additional qualification and skills, especially if they are relevant to the medical field;
• Last but not least, add references. Typically 2 references are sufficient; two options are possible, to give the all information (name, position and contact details) or the second option is to write “References available upon request”

4. What you should leave out of your professional CV:

Keep your CV professional:
• Avoid using clichéd language such as: “I am highly motivated”- it is a vague statement, which is over repeated;
• Avoid using clipart and fonts which are difficult to read.
• Do not include material which is not relevant to the healthcare field;

5. Spelling mistakes

Last but not least double-check your resume for spelling, grammar and formatting errors. Proof-read it and make sure that everything falls together. We know that if you spend few hours on writing your CV, once you proof read it, it will be hard to find if something is not appropriate. Luckily today they are many online tools, which can automatically find the errors and correct them.
• Tool to check for spelling mistakes:
• Tool to check for grammar mistakes:
• Common grammar mistakes to avoid on your CV:
Do not forget your resume is your chance to make a good first impression, so use it. Follow these easy steps to help you land your dream job!

Mylocum CV Template