How MyLocum helps you in your locum job search

At Mylocum, we will help you to find the ‘perfect’ locum job

From the first time you meet our consultant, they will work with you to understand your locum job history. They will find out about your current situation and what kind of locum job is most suitable for you. Whatever your situation, our consultants are specialists in finding doctors and nurses jobs, and are experts in designing your own personal plan to get you where you need to be. Working as a locum doctor or nurse can be a thrilling experience as well as a fantastic learning curve. The medical industry operates in a fast-paced environment, thus locum doctors and nurses need to be well-trained to ensure that they feel comfortable and efficient.
The healthcare industry requires a 24/7 hour service which means the demand for locum doctors and nurses is now higher. Therefore, MyLocum has a lot of unrivalled locum vacancies across UK hospitals on a daily basis. Working as locum doctors or nurses can be highly rewarding. MyLocum team is dedicated to find you exclusive locum jobs in roles you specialise in. Our experienced consultants will assist you on a long-term basis and support you through the whole process and beyond. You will be able to choose from a wide-range working environment and geographical locations that are convenient for you.
Bespoke Services

Today, locum jobs appeals to a lot of doctors and nurses. As a locum doctor you choose when and where you work. Our consultants work to deliver first class service and offer a personalised approach to the candidates. We understand what you are looking for and what is driving you to look for a new permanent or temporary role. To assist you in building a fulfilling career, we analyse your in-depth requirements and we strive in excellence in terms of providing you with a transparent and accurate overview of current markets ability to support your individual needs. MyLocum offers you a great range of career options, complemented by in-depth career analysis and active steps for better preparation. Operating for more than 10 years, MyLocum has been constantly growing in the medical field and has been supplying locum doctors, nurses and AHP/HSS TO NHS and independent hospitals throughout the UK.