Make a Step Forward in Your Career with Us

The experience of working in different placements found through a locum agency will really help you to achieve your goals, as it exposes you to a variety of working systems and procedures.

When you find a personalized service with a wide range of exceptional jobs and an experienced team that is always available for you, your career path is on the right road to success.

Our expertise – Your benefit

As a professional who knows the purpose in his medical career, you want more than to provide your details in a database and approach you when a new role comes in. At Mylocum, our dedicated recruitment consultants are always building a strong collaboration with specialists on a long-term basis aiming to understand what they are looking for and what is driving them to look for a new permanent or temporary role. They always assist the candidates in creating a fulfilling career, from a thoroughly analysis of the skills and requirements to a proper and authentic overview of current market strength to encourage their individual needs.

Flexibility and Money

Have you ever thought that being a full time locum expert affords you greater flexibility in your work-life balance? You can have plenty of time for your training courses, for exams, for your hobbies and for that tea that you have promised to your friend for months. On the other hand, if you are a junior doctor, working with a locum agency helps you gain experience in your specialty of choice. Moreover, you will earn money while you are exploring many career options and locations.

Support on Revalidation

Mylocum has a committed revalidation body which will work with you individually and will offer you assistance in carrying out your appraisals and revalidations. Meetings are always tailored around candidate availability and are held in time efficient way.

Enjoy an unrivalled range of career options, complemented by in-depth career analysis and active steps for better preparation at Mylocum!

Stand out, register with us and build up your experience as a locum! It’s time to make a step forward in your career by working with us!