We pride ourselves on having high standards to make sure we only provide you with suitable, high quality candidates.

We are a UK-based recruitment agency specializing in Recruitment for the Healthcare Sector with over 18 years of experience.

At Carepro, a multitude of opportunities awaits both seasoned professionals and newcomers embarking on their medical journeys. Our pride extends beyond selecting the finest talents to encompass our dedication to nurturing and developing candidates, ensuring their growth within the healthcare field.

We provide diverse opportunities for support workers seeking roles as young people support workers, child care, family support workers and many more. We are passionate to be partnering with councils to provide tailored resources and care packages.


Whether you are a registered general nurse (RGN), registered mental health nurse (RMN), or midwives, we are able to provide you with opportunities within NHS hospitals and private care sectors.

Doctor / gp

GP - CarePro
Primary care job opportunities are plentiful and diverse, offering a range of rewarding career paths in the healthcare field. It is our mission to provide you with a job that gives you the skills and experience you are interested in pursuing.


We have many job opportunities both within the NHS and private sectors. We match the skills and qualifications you have within your specific specialism with the requirements of the jobs we have available.

carer / HCA

Healthcare Assistant
There are a variety of opportunities we offer to all professional workers who are looking to work as a healthcare assistant, support care worker, home care, and many more.


NHS- CarePro
We specialise in international placements and have experience working with candidates from different countries.We help thousands of foreign medical experts every year to relocate into permanent positions in the UK.


CarePro - 55
We identify suitable positions based on the candidate’s qualifications, preferences, and career goals. We match the perfect healthcare professionals with long-term employment opportunities.