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Being an agency that always provides fully compliant high quality candidates, Carepro has earned the reputation amongst its clients as a trusted supplier.

Our personalised services for candidates begin with our face to face interviews, which are conducted for each and every candidate. Our experienced recruitment team will scrutinize the CV of the candidate, identify and obtain explanations for any gaps of more than 3 months and assess the communication skills of the candidate during the interview. This also provides us with the opportunity to understand the candidate requirements and his/her preferences, to make sure we match them with the right jobs.

A candidate will only be considered for a placement once following checks have been completed,

  • Verification of identity checks – The main purpose of the face to face interview is to verify the identity of the candidate by checking the passport, immigration papers etc. These are then copied and stamped to indicate that they have been verified.
  • Professional Registration and Qualification checks: The original documentation evidencing professional registrations (GMC, NMC registrations etc.), qualifications and training will be checked against the CV and copies will be maintained in the records.
  • Employment history and reference checks: It is assessed whether the candidate has recent relevant experience and that the references (minimum of 2) are up to date.
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Occupational health checks
  • Right to work checks

Prior to each assignment, a GMC or NMC check (as relevant) is carried out on candidates to ensure that there are no concerns in their practice, followed by a weekly check for on-going candidates.

As part of our stringent compliance procedure, we ensure that every new candidate has been appraised immediately after, and again within 3 months of the first placement, followed by an annual appraisal. Also, in order to monitor and review the performance of our candidates as well as our services, upon completion of every assignment, the candidate is required to obtain a completed and signed appraisal form by the authorized personnel at the authority.