supporting young People Within Regulated & Unregulated settings

At Carepro, our commitment is centered around safeguarding, guided by a shared mission to offer to provide unwavering support to young people and families. We are passionate to collaborate with councils to offer specialised resources and care packages.

Tailored care Solution for supporting Young People

At Carepro, we offer support to local authorities, private, public sectors, councils and care packages. Alongside with supporting support services provided by experienced staff adept at managing complex and crisis care for young people.

We believe in fostering a sense of calm within the troubled experiences these individuals may face, recognising that behind every child who develops self-belief is an adult who initially believed in them.

Youth Support Worker


We provide a secure haven for some of the most vulnerable young people, guiding them through rejections and uncertainty. Our goal is to create a caring environment where they can regulate their emotions, facilitating positive steps forward.

Committed to safeguarding, our recruitment policy mandates enhanced DBS checks for support staff. This ensures that only the most qualified individuals are entrusted with the care of our young people, reflecting our commitment to providing them with the best possible support.

The young people and families we assist have often endured traumatic experiences. To initiate their recovery journey, we seek individuals who are empathetic, nurturing, and comprehend the necessity and benefits of therapeutic approaches.

We Specialise In:

Residential and Non-Residential Support
Supporting Children back into Education
Crisis Intervention
Complex Care
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.(CAMHS)
enabling Care
Supporting Families in the home
parent and baby support
secured and unsecured transport

We Offer support to local authorities, private & public sectors

Our experienced support staff adeptly handle complex and crisis care for young people and families, fostering a sense of calm amid their chaos. Working closely with each individual, we gain insights into their emotions and circumstances to deliver tailored support that promotes positive progress.

Collaboratively, we establish structure through routines and boundaries, providing stability and familiarity. This sense of normality and perceived control over daily life is often welcomed by the young people. It not only facilitates independence but also imparts crucial life skills necessary for their future endeavors.

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