Our Mission in Supporting Children & Young People Across the UK

Children & Young People

In this article, we delve into Carepro’s unwavering dedication to supporting children and young people, outlining the specialised services we offer and the requirements for joining our team. If you’re passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable individuals, you’ve come to the right place. Join us in our mission to provide compassionate care across the UK.

Focusing on Children & Young People at Carepro

At Carepro, we are driven by a shared mission to provide unwavering support to children and families in need. If you are passionate about making a difference, you have come to the right place. Our healthcare professionals are carefully vetted to ensure their professional standards & work ethics render a service worthy of the highest CQC (Care Quality Commission) ratings.

Specialities We Offer

Below are the specialties in agency support workers for children in young people and families in setting.

  • Residential and Non-Residential Support
  • Supporting Children in and back to Education
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Complex Care
  • CAMHS – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Enabling Care
  • Supporting Families in the Home
  • Parent and Baby Support
  • Secured and Unsecured Transport

Requirements You Need to Apply

  • Below are the key requirements you must have before applying to any of the Health & Social Jobs.
  • Valid UK Right To Work with 12+ Months Experience in a similar role
  • Full CV inc. Employment History (Any Breaks Longer Than 2 Weeks Must be Accounted For)
  • Enhanced DBS (Vulnerable Childrens & Adults), Registered on the Update Service. (CarePro will aim to assist with this, should you have any difficulty).
  • Five Years Practical Reference History

List of Jobs We Have in these Regions Across the UK

Why Should You Apply With Us?

Our skilled support staff effectively manages complex and crisis care for young people, creating a calm environment amidst chaos. By closely understanding each individual’s emotions and circumstances, we deliver personalised support for positive progress.

We establish routines and boundaries, offering stability and familiarity. This sense of normality not only fosters independence but also imparts essential life skills crucial for their future.

  • Great pay rates
  • Flexible working shifts
  • Ad-Hoc or long-term assignment
  • Solution Based Service
  • Fast track registration 
  • True 24/7 on-call service

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